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On any given day, Google receives over 63,000 searches per second. With all that action, small businesses need a solid strategy for getting noticed, and SEO is the answer.

Each time someone initiates a search, there are number of results that show up on page one of Google. This priority positioning is important because 60% of clicks go to the top 3 websites listed in a search result. The businesses in these high-profile positions didn’t end up there on accident. They optimized SEO for results that land customers at their door.

SEO is especially important for small businesses because it exponentially expands their reach and builds brand awareness. Plus, audiences place a certain amount of trust in the sites that show up first in search results. All of these factors are crucial for smaller businesses looking for serious growth.

When you’re a small business struggling for growth and trying to wedge a place among the local competition, you need a strategy for building a reputation and presence where your future customers can be found – the internet.

SEO is a crucial tool for building brand awareness and generating traffic to your website and your front door, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you want to spend your time building relationships with the customers that are already in front of you.

At J2O, we like to think of ourselves as your partner in success. We’re here to do the behind the scenes work of SEO while you stay on the front lines. Together, we build your business, starting at the very core. As your SEO consultant, we work with you and for you to help you get the digital traffic and recognition that your business deserves.


The Proof Is in Our Process

We recognize that SEO success comes from detailed attention to five critical steps.

We start by learning everything about your business, your industry and your local competitors. Then we leverage what we know about SEO to conduct research that leads us to the insights that are necessary for winning SEO.
We take you as a client, and our work, very seriously. This isn’t the place to try something with a wait and see attitude. We approach every move strategically.
We’re there every step of the way as we execute your SEO action plan.
We test, test and then test some more. Our pride in our work comes from your success, so we meticulously test our process and continually analyze the results.
Sometimes something works for a little while and then falls flat. We’re always looking for areas to improve what we’re doing for you, and constantly adapting our strategy to fit your growing business.
There is a lot that goes into search engine optimization, but it’s our belief that strong, compelling content forms a solid foundation for other SEO tactics to build on. While other SEO companies work with the singular goal of improving a site’s ranking, we look at what goes on behind the scenes to motivate users to visit a site, and quality content is one of the first things that gets our attention.

Maybe you’ve heard that content is important to SEO because it’s the ultimate vehicle for leveraging the power of high performing keywords. This is true, but in our experience, content plays a much bigger role.

The digital consumer is becoming more mature in their experience. Their habits, behaviors and expectations are changing, and search engines are adapting to the new mindset. This means that the tried and true keyword strategies of yesterday aren’t always the driving point of SEO. Today, it’s all about the experience.

Professionally created content is a sure way of providing validation and value in the eyes of search engines and your future customers. We approach SEO by building a content strategy that serves as the opening of a relationship funnel that turns curious visitors into customers that are invested in you for the long term.

As an SEO company, we see your growth as the target with two distinct paths that can lead us there – onsite and offsite search engine optimization, and you need both to be successful.

We dive in deep to make sure every element on your site is primed for SEO. This is called onsite optimization, and we leave nothing to chance. We look at, assess and test every element of your site, including each of your webpages, titles, content, tags and the overall quality and structure of your website. We know exactly how search engines crawl your site and the quality signals that they’re looking for.

But, what happens outside of your website matters too. Search engines look for links on other sites that lead back to you as validation of your authenticity and the quality you can provide to their users. Link building is a complicated and intricate process, and it’s also crucial to SEO. Unfortunately, too many small businesses can’t tap into offsite optimization simply because they don’t have the time or skillset. This is where J2O Design comes in to take the pressure off and do the heavy lifting for you.

Want to know a secret of SEO? One strategy doesn’t work for all audiences. We’ve seen it before – SEO management teams that treat local, small businesses like one of the big guys. The truth is that as a local business, you’re not competing with the giants, so you need a completely different approach.

Our SEO services focus on you, and the unique community that your business calls home. We leverage local SEO strategies like optimizing for mobile and voice searches, keyword adaptation, building citations and schema markup all designed to have your business outperforming your local competitors.

But, what happens when you’re ready to expand past your local community and take on a larger market? We’re here to help build an SEO strategy that builds brand visibility as your business grows.

Flat Pricing

A lot of agencies charge based on a percentage of your ad spend, but our pricing is fixed because we think your monthly fees shouldn’t be a surprise. You will always know how much your advertising will cost…before it costs you.

No Setup Fees

We don’t believe in charging setup fees. We’re very confident in our work and the growth you’ll experience. Our philosophy is to keep you happy for life as opposed others who try to charge you as much as possible in the first few months because they aren’t confident in their abilities to keep you as a client forever.

You Maintain Ownership

We don’t believe in locking in our clients to long-term contracts. Everything is month- to-month. We believe our work will win you over forever, not some crummy signed contract. And you own everything; from accounts to designs, from lead magnets to landing pages, they’re always yours.

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We offer content focused inbound marketing services through a group of awesome writers and internet marketers. Our team creates quality marketable content and online campaigns tailored for your business to help you get found online and generate more leads that turn into paying customers.

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