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your website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

If there’s one tool that’s capable of showing a new customer that you’re either serious about business or completely out of your league, it’s your website. It takes someone only a couple of seconds to visually soak in your website and form an immediate impression. Often, it’s these first few seconds that make or break their relationship with your business.

Knowing this, is unprofessional or inadequate website design something that you’re really willing to take a chance on?

The fact is that many, if not most, people turn to the internet when they’re interested in a product or service. If your online presence doesn’t include quality web design, the only thing you’ll accomplish is stunted growth.

Small businesses, with less than $1 million in yearly revenue, are less likely than larger businesses to have a dedicated website. We could say that this is because they’re just starting out or don’t have the resources to invest in web design. We could also say that the reason they haven’t crossed over the $1 million mark is because their customers just aren’t finding them.

You not only want serious growth for your business, you also need it. It’s just too competitive out there to not have one of the most effective vehicles for connecting with your customers. A professional web design company can help build a digital presence and grow your brand. At J2O Designs, we approach web design with the knowledge and expertise that will increase your conversion rates exponentially.


Why Your Business Needs the Help of Professional Web Development

All businesses are protective of their resources. When you’re a smaller business or maybe just getting your footing, it can be tough to digest the idea of spending money on something you could do yourself. After all, with all the web design sites and tools available online you should be able to piece together something that functions and looks pretty good at the same time.

The only problem with this philosophy is that your website isn’t as “flat” as you think. It actually has multiple layers and performs many functions, and development that optimizes all of this is much more complex than it seems on the surface.

We can look at load speed as an example of how something seemingly simple, can have a major effect on how your website performs. Load speed is incredibly important to the person trying to visit your site. More than a third of people will back out of site if it takes too long to load, and just 1 extra second of load time can result in a 27% drop in sales.

Those aren’t the kind of results you’re looking for. It’s often simple, unavoidable issues like image size or too many plugins that causes a site to lag. A web designer can recognize and avoid these types of issues long before they have a chance to ruin your site’s performance.

The fact is, your website is more than just a digital catalog for your business. It serves as the main point of connection between you and your online customers. When designed with features that make for a positive user experience, a website nurtures customer relationships, increases brand visibility, provides the pathway to conversion and serves as the core of your SEO strategy.

If you don’t have a website that does all of this for your business, it’s time to make a change.

How Quality Web Design Brings Customers to Your Door

The internet has changed the way that customers interact with businesses. While smart website design is crucial for e-commerce brands, it’s equally important for businesses that have a physical location. More often than not, a website is the first introduction of your business to a customer, and it needs to be primed to handle this responsibility.

You’re probably already leveraging digital marketing strategies, like social media or email marketing, that are intended to drive traffic directly toward your website. But, it’s all going to fall flat if your site isn’t designed to be the lead generation tool that can turn all that traffic into real customers.

We focus on high quality web development that features important UX design principles, SEO, strategic and effective CTAs and other elements that build an image by establishing trust, authority and respect for your brand.

The Influence of Mobile First Indexing on Web Design

The rumblings about mobile website design are nothing new. With 57% of mobile users saying that they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, the importance of mobile optimization  became top priority with our friends over at Google. Search engines thrive when the people using them are happy with the results they’re given. If a query from a smartphone results in a search engine leading them to a site that’s not optimized for mobile, it doesn’t exactly contribute to a positive experience.

Since 2018, Google has prioritized businesses with mobile optimized sites by implementing something they call mobile first indexing. What this means for small businesses is that mobile optimization is no longer an option.

A certain number of visitors will arrive at your site by searching specifically for you. However, most of them end up there because your site appeared on page one of Google search results. With over 200 ranking factors that Google uses to decide which sites appear first in SERPs, earning a priority ranking is complicated enough, but mobile first indexing has made it almost impossible for sites that aren’t designed for the mobile consumer.

Your business needs a web designer that understands responsive design and the features that make for great mobile UX.

The Professional Website Design Company That Gets Results

At J2O Designs, we pride ourselves on being the inbound marketing team that gets results for businesses of all sizes. If you need web design with an eye on what motivates the modern consumer, we’re here to help. Contact STR8 Forward Creative today to learn more about how we bring clients to your door.

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