Pay Per Click Campaign Management

We help companies increase revenue through intelligent PPC marketing and creative landing page design and testing.

We know first hand that few things are more satisfying than watching a small business grow, especially when it’s one of our own clients. Trust us when we say that it hurts to watch businesses fall flat with ineffective PPC management that ends up being nothing but a waste of money and potential.

That’s why we’re devoted to helping businesses of all sizes get the most out of their pay per click advertising. Unlike other PPC agencies that measure success by the number of visitors they send your way, we’re focused on something far more valuable – leading real customers to your door.

PPC Management That Performs Starting at Hello

A pay per click campaign is designed to bring prospects to your website, but what happens once they land there? Since our goal is more customers, not just clicks, we view this as a journey that starts when a visitor is first introduced to your business. PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase than those that reach your site through organic search. While there are several factors that contribute to this statistic, one of the most important is a high-quality landing page. What they see there immediately influences their impression of your business and what they’ll do next. We work to assure that you have customized landing pages with a purpose that leads to real conversions.

Growth for Your Business – One Click at a Time

With PPC, each click is money and it’s also an opportunity. Our goal is to help you spend less and outperform the competition – one click at a time. Each and every click on your PPC ad is important. With the right strategy, your ads reach an audience so targeted that conversions are practically guaranteed.  We spend time learning about your business, industry and key competitors. With our meticulous research we optimize your campaign to get the most impressive ROI.

We Don’t Stop at the Click

Our goal is to get you more customers, not clicks. Most PPC agencies consider success as sending XX number of visitors to your site by clicking on an ad. But what happens to those (paid for) prospects when they get to your website?

We work to assure there is a customized landing page with a purpose that leads to a real conversion. And we will continue to work to optimize that landing page to make sure it’s converting as well as possible.

Customized Paid Search Management

To get the most out of your PPC campaign, we create compelling ads that include a combination of the right keywords and a message that’s designed to appeal to your target audience. Each business is an individual with a unique customer base, it’s crucial that your PPC company recognize and respect these key differences.

At J2O Designs, our customized PPC services include all the elements of great pay per click management.


We leverage market keyword research to analyze which high performing keywords are relevant and effective for your brand while always keeping an eye on the future and adapting your keyword strategy for growth.


A landing page alone isn’t enough if it doesn’t contain the elements that drive conversions. We consider optimized landing pages an integral part of PPC management and will work to guarantee yours is working at peak performance.


Our team creates and manages text and display ads, including remarketing campaigns, that build your visibility to highly qualified potential customers.


Our job doesn’t stop at the launch. We relentlessly test your PPC campaign to make sure that it’s driving conversions and providing the highest possible ROI.


We’re here to offer our clients support when they need it, on their terms.

Why J2O Designs Is Different

We believe in complete transparency, so let’s be honest here. There’s no shortage of PPC management services on the market. We’re swimming in a sea of competition, but we’re not worried. This is because we provide something to our clients that other services fall short on – respect for our client’s time and money.

This is why we’re committed to taking the pressure of PPC management off your shoulders while still keeping you in the driver’s seat. Our excellent track record for PPC success aside, here are 3 ways that J2O Designs sets ourselves apart.


Most agencies charge based on a percentage of your total ad spend. This is great for their bottom line, but leaves their clients wondering what to expect when the invoice rolls around. We believe that your monthly fees shouldn’t be a surprise. This is why we work with a fixed pricing system, so you always know exactly how much your advertising will cost…before it costs you.

Low UPFRONT Setup Fees

The way to win client loyalty isn’t by charging hefty setup fees before they’ve even gotten the chance to build trust in our services. We’re confident in our work and the growth you’ll experience. It’s our philosophy to keep our clients happy and build long-term, satisfying relationships. We’ll never begin a relationship by charging huge fees upfront, unlike other companies that aren’t as confident of their results.

You Maintain Ownership

We aren’t interested in locking you into a long-term contract. Our goal is to win you over with the quality of our work, so there’s no need for long contracts that take the control of your advertising budget out of your hands. Everything we do is month to month. Plus, you keep ownership of everything we do for your business, including your accounts, designs, landing pages and more.

What Are You Waiting For?

Every minute that you spend wondering if a PPC consultant is the right choice for building your small business is an extra minute that your competition has to snag away customers that should be yours. Let us help you bring customers to your door instead of theirs with our expert PPC management.

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