Facebook Ads Campaign Management

We help companies increase revenue through intelligent Facebook marketing and creative landing page design and testing.

Let us take something off your plate for a change. Let us manage your Facebook Ads account for you. Our team of social media marketing experts will focus on optimizing your campaigns so you can focus on your business.

Flat Pricing

A lot of agencies charge based on a percentage of your ad spend, but our pricing is fixed because we think your monthly fees shouldn’t be a surprise. You will always know how much your advertising will cost…before it costs you.

No Setup Fees

We don’t believe in charging setup fees. We’re very confident in our work and the growth you’ll experience. Our philosophy is to keep you happy for life as opposed others who try to charge you as much as possible in the first few months because they aren’t confident in their abilities to keep you as a client forever.

You Maintain Ownership

We don’t believe in locking in our clients to long-term contracts. Everything is month- to-month. We believe our work will win you over forever, not some crummy signed contract. And you own everything; from accounts to designs, from lead magnets to landing pages, they’re always yours.

We Don’t Stop at the Click

Our goal is to get you more customers, not clicks. Most PPC agencies consider success as sending XX number of visitors to your site by clicking on an ad. But what happens to those (paid for) prospects when they get to your website?

We work to assure there is a customized landing page with a purpose that leads to a real conversion. And we will continue to work to optimize that landing page to make sure it’s converting as well as possible.

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STR8 Forward Creative + Marketing

We offer content focused inbound marketing services through a group of awesome writers and internet marketers. Our team creates quality marketable content and online campaigns tailored for your business to help you get found online and generate more leads that turn into paying customers.

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