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email marketing is more relevant than ever in digital marketing

As a small or medium sized business, one of the biggest marketing obstacles you’ll encounter is finding a cost-efficient way of reaching a market that’s broader, but also targeted. Many businesses turn first to social media, which is great for building brand awareness, but it lacks the ability to really nurture a specific customer. This is where email marketing comes in, and it’s more relevant than ever in digital marketing.

The proof that email is one of the most effective tools for business lies in one number – 122. The average ROI for email marketing is 122%, a number that’s roughly 4 times higher than other strategies like social media and paid search. For small businesses looking to make a huge leap in leads, conversions and revenue, this means one thing. Email marketing is a necessity that will help you blow your business goals right out of the water.

Email Marketing and the Customer Journey


An email strategy serves as the framework for interactions with your customers. The right approach will help you acquire new customers, reach out to current ones and build the type of loyalty that creates long term relationships for your business. The process of introducing someone to your brand and then nurturing them to the point of loyalty is called the customer journey, and email is the vehicle the helps move them along.

The thing is, you’re not the only business that knows this and there’s a ton of competition out there. Consumers have become weary of being sold to constantly. The email strategies that worked a few years ago are now tired and ineffective because your customers want, and expect, something more.

First, they want personalization. It’s what sets apart an email that gets opened from one that ends up in the trash bin. They expect personalized, relevant communications that show you are paying attention to them as an individual consumer and not as just another blank face in the crowd.

Secondly, we’re also looking at an audience that’s technologically sophisticated and when it comes to email marketing, they’re expecting an approach that meets the demands of the modern digital landscape, including mobile optimization.

To move them along the customer journey, you need a strategic and personalized approach to email marketing that reaches out, engages and meets them where they are.


The 4 Goals of Email Marketing

The customer journey can be broken down into many steps, but there are four primary markers that strategic email marketing aims to hit. These are identification, nurturing, conversion and retention. Here’s how email moves you smoothly through each.

One of the reasons that email marketing is so successful is that it’s targeted. You’ve built up brand awareness and attracted a core group of consumers who are most likely to invest in your brand. An email campaign includes data and analytics that help you further identify the highest quality leads, uncover what is and isn’t working for your market and learn how to engage with leads along each step of their journey.

Nurturing leads along their journey requires more than a one size fits all approach. For example, the lead that just signed up for your newsletter requires an entirely different approach than the customer that’s already invested in your brand and just needs a little encouragement to continue doing so. Email lets you personalize your approach to the consumer’s specific point of their journey.

This is where customers are made. Email encourages conversions by approaching a lead with the right message at just the right moment. It’s also a strategy that often increases sales and profits through the sharing of information and incentives.

It costs more money to acquire new customers than it does to keep the ones that have already invested in you. For your business to succeed long term, you need customers that love your brand and are committed to remaining loyal. Email keeps you in touch with these customers, encourage communication with them, and provides a platform for exceptional customer service.

The Role of an Email Marketing Agency

So, it’s easy to see the benefit of investing your time and energy into email marketing. Many businesses attempt to take their entire strategy into their own hands and handle it themselves from start to finish. Some of them succeed, but many of them fail to reach their true potential.

It takes more than just a basic knowledge of email marketing to make it work, and getting great results takes more time than most businesses are prepared or able to give. When you already have your hands full with a growing business, it doesn’t make much sense to take on another time-consuming task, especially when there might be critical holes in your approach.

When you’re considering working with a professional that’s experienced in email marketing, you’ll want to connect with someone that recognizes that you are the expert authority on your brand and works with you to produce the results you need. In addition to offering a great service, they should also come to you with a history of success, customer support that exceeds your expectations and an eye on the future of your business.

At J20 Designs, we work to create success for businesses with a dedicated approach to email marketing that includes everything from template design, implementation and subscription growth to campaign management and analytics. A professional email marketing agency recognizes the importance of each step and is focused on building customer relationships for your brand through effective email marketing.

Email Marketing Services That Exceed Your Expectations

We’re the inbound marketing team that’s focused on your success. We have experience in building brands of all sizes with a comprehensive approach to marketing that includes an email strategy. It’s our priority to understand your business and what makes your audience tick, so we can develop an email marketing campaign that nurtures your customers along their journey. We offer customized marketing solutions created specifically for your growing business. Contact J2O Designs today and let’s start talking about your email strategy for growth.

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